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The a9s Data Service Kickstart Bundle

One package with five production grade data services, a maximum degree of automation and low unit costs

Illustration cf layers


  • Horizontal scalability: On-Demand Provisioning
  • Vertical scalability: service plan upgrades
  • Service plans for single and clustered service instances

Backup / Restore Framework

  • Manual, scheduled and API-based backups

High Availability

  • Zero-downtime upgrades
  • Multi AZ-support


  • Create Cloud Foundry application security groups automatically
  • coming soon Encryption:
    • of the persistence disk
    • of data in transit (SSL)

Logging & Metrics

  • Syslog and Graphite endpoints to stream logs and metrics of your service instances
  • As a platform operator you can specify these endpoints. Each provisioned service instance or service instance cluster will stream logs and metrics to this given endpoints
  • You can also specify separate logging and metric endpoints as the platform user creating log or metrics stream of your individual particular service instances to a Syslog and Graphite endpoint or you choice

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Package Instances Price per year
Brody 25 instances 30.000€
Rodim 50 instances 50.000€
Lopyl 100 instances 95.000€
Vesnash 500 instances price on request
Custom packages available on request

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