The Grand Plan

Join us in building the cloud platform of the future!

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The Humble Beginnings

anynines PaaS: 100% European Platform as a Service

This is why we got excited with Cloud Foundry. All the existing cloud platforms at the time were based in the US, barring larger European companies from using them for data privacy reasons. Thus begun anynines, a 100% European Platform as a Service

The Bigger Picture

The Cloud Foundry Foundation Member

After working extensively with companies using Cloud Foundry, we became a silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and a Cloud Foundry Certified Training Partner. This allowed us to be the part of the bigger picture.

The Mission

a9s Data Services: The All-In-One Data Service Solution

Right now we've turned our attention to data services and created the a9s Data Service Bundle — an all-in-one data service solution for Cloud Foundry and (soon) Kubernetes. This is where you step in.

Your Future Job

DevOps / Platform Engineer at anynines

Looking to work with the latest technologies and build cloud platforms used by large clients? We should talk.

Not what you were expecting? Fret not! We're constantly looking for new members to join our team.

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Cutting-edge Technologies

We are a small, ambitious team working with
the biggest players in the field. What started
out as an effort to create an all-European, secure
Platform-as-a-Service for developers turned into
a bold mission to change how enterprise teams
build and manage their development infrastructure.
Join us in reaching that goal.


Take a deep breath

Our headquarters is in Saarbrücken
— a quaint town on the German-French
border, surrounded by beautiful old forest, so
work-life balance is never an issue.