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We are a small, ambitious team working with the biggest players in the field. What started out as an effort to create an all-European, secure Platform-as-a-Service for developers turned into a bold mission to change how enterprise teams build and manage their development infrastructure. Join us in reaching that goal.


Take a deep breath

Our headquarters is in Saarbrücken — a quaint town on the German-French border, surrounded by beautiful old forest, so work-life balance is never an issue.

Saarbrücken is like the coolest district of your favourite big city!

It’s having it all: cultural diversity - due to its short distance to the French or Luxembourgish border and because it’s an University City - and its wide range of interests of even the smallest subculture. When it comes to art, music, sports or any other community movement - you will find it there and it’s easy to join, because the Saarländer are very friendly, welcoming people. Apart from the accessible city center you can also explore the greenish and agriculture surroundings for some tranquility. But even in those remote suburbs, watch out again for those Saarländers: they might invite you for „zum Schwenke“ or „e Pils“.

Monika Dondorf Full-Stack Software Developer

Be aware of scams involving phony job postings and recruitment fraud. anynines will never charge you for an interview or ask you to set up bank accounts and give us money in order to work here. At anynines, we send emails from an identifiable corporate email account and our positions are posted on the Career page of the anynines website. All our open positions are posted on the anynines site; apply only via our career portal or links that connect you directly to our open positions.