Simplify Managing Data in Fleets of Kubernetes Clusters

A data management toolkit with essential tools like Klutch, data service automation, a9s Marketplace, and a9s Billing for managing cloud databases across any scale and platform.

What is a9s Hub?

Your Comprehensive Solution for Cloud Database Management

a9s Hub stands at the forefront of cloud database management, offering a robust data management layer that caters to both platform operators and application developers. Supporting an extensive range of cloud data services, a9s Hub is the essential toolbelt for managing cloud databases across any scale of development platforms.

On-Demand Provisioning, Streamlined Management

Provision dedicated service instances effortlessly with a9s Hub, from nimble testing databases to expansive production environments. Our platform simplifies the management of thousands of data service instances, ensuring that scalable, ready-to-use resources are instantly available for your organization.

Code Once, Run Everywhere

With the unparalleled portability of data service automation, building multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud applications has never been easier. Experience a cohesive workflow for platform operators and application developers across all major on-premise and cloud infrastructures, streamlining the development process like never before.

Integrate with Any Platform

a9s Hub offers in-depth integrations for Kubernetes environments. Easily manage data within fleets of Kubernetes clusters, allowing for developer self-service and providing central governance that doesn’t compromise on flexibility or control.

Built for Security, Designed for Compliance

a9s Hub is engineered with security and operational best practices at its core, ready to meet the stringent demands of enterprise standards. Take command of your data with automation and database instances that are run on your infrastructure, ensuring complete data ownership and compliance.

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Easily create and manage standalone data services on the spot, whether they're for small development tests or large-scale production environments. Klutch simplifies the task of handling anywhere from a few to thousands of data service instances, making it manageable and straightforward.

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a8s Data Services

a8s data services for pods offer a streamlined solution with a native Kubernetes backend. Designed for operational efficiency, it includes built-in reliability and observability features, catering to both application developers and platform operators.

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a9s Data Services

Our comprehensive Data Service suite enables developers to manage databases creating on-demand data service instances running as VMs on all major public and on-premise infrastructures.

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Self-Managed or Fully Managed

You have control with the operational burden or without–whether you want self or fully managed cloud services, you own your data! If you opt for our fully managed solutions, we handle and run your services for you, but on your infrastructure, in your account. Simplify your IT with flexible, scalable solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

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a9s Marketplace

The Marketplace offers a filterable list of data services for application development, eliminating the guesswork and research time typically involved in finding the right tools for your projects. Explore the unique features of each data service, understand its best use cases, and gain insights into how to integrate these services into your applications effectively.

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a9s Billing

Monitor cloud service usage to drive cost optimization. Manage cloud computing cost allocation and invoicing of cloud services for anynines and custom provided services.

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Key Features and Benefits of a9s Hub

Cover All Major Data Services with One License

With one license you can download all data services and install them in an unlimited number of environments. This ensures that your team has the cloud databases they need, when they need them, fostering an environment of innovation and efficiency.

Balance Operational Efficiency
and Developer Self-Service

a9s Hub is not just an automation tool; it's a comprehensive solution for managing data services, striking the perfect balance between operational efficiency and empowering developers with self-service capabilities. This harmony boosts productivity and accelerates development cycles.

Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud Support

Embrace the flexibility of hybrid and multi-cloud architectures with a9s Hub. It’s designed to support a seamless transition and operation across different cloud environments enabling true application portability and/or leveraging the best features of each cloud service provider.

Enterprise Ready

a9s Hub is built to meet the rigorous requirements of large organizations, ensuring enterprise compliance without sacrificing startup-like agility. From security enhancements to governance policies, including encryption, CVE management, backups, and restoration processes, a9s Hub has your enterprise needs covered.

Our Platform is effortlessly deployed in some of the largest cloud environments in the world

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