Manage Data in Fleets of Kubernetes Clusters with Ease

Whether on pods or virtual machines, Klutch delivers centralized management and on-demand provisioning — all through a Kubernetes-native interface engineered for simplicity and efficiency.

Simplify Kubernetes Data Service Management with Klutch

Integrating, operating, and governing Kubernetes for multiple teams and multiple applications—across on-premises and cloud infrastructure—just got easier. Klutch was born out of the necessity for self-service capabilities, ensuring secure and reliable data management while simplifying lifecycle management tasks. It provides easy management of data in fleets of Kubernetes clusters, while providing integrated data services for DevOps running containerized workloads.

Klutch guides your data service instances through their entire lifecycle, from data retrieval to backup and restoration, scaling operations, and more. All these critical operations are seamlessly accessible to application developers, empowering them to focus on their core tasks without being bogged down by operational complexities.

While offering local autonomy for efficient operation within individual clusters, Klutch ensures centralized control and policy enforcement across your entire infrastructure. This means separating the operation of data services from application operations on a single cluster, providing a robust framework for scalability and security.

Klutch also enables users to leverage existing virtual machine-based data services from various application clusters, simplifying tasks for platform operators by offering full lifecycle automation and a central control plane for managing data services at scale.

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Why Choose Klutch?

Streamlined Container
Data Management

Klutch simplifies the complexities of managing data across fleets of Kubernetes clusters, providing a centralized platform for efficient data lifecycle management.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Klutch guides data instances through their entire lifecycle, from initial provisioning to data retrieval, backup and restoration, scaling operations, and more, ensuring data integrity and availability at every stage.

Local Autonomy with
Centralized Control

Strike a balance between local autonomy and centralized control, allowing for efficient operation within individual clusters while enforcing centralized policies and security measures across the infrastructure.

Scalability & Adaptability

Klutch is designed to scale with your business needs, whether you're managing large-scale data in a Kubernetes environment or organizing a marketplace for multiple clusters, providing a robust framework for scalability and adaptability.

Easy Integration & Migration

Seamlessly integrates with existing data service instances, allowing for easy migration and deployment—whether as pods, VMs, or API-only integrations—minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.

Improved Accessibility

Klutch enhances accessibility to Data Services, allowing a broader range of developers and teams to leverage these services within their Kubernetes workflows–accelerating development cycles.

Enhancing Kubernetes Ecosystems: Advanced Integration with Klutch

Kubernetes-Native Integration

Klutch offers a deeply integrated experience with Kubernetes, providing a generic yet powerful interface for all your data service needs.

VM and Container Support

Whether your services run on virtual machines or containers, Klutch provides seamless management and provisioning capabilities.

Sophisticated Automation

Complements and enhances Kubernetes-based platforms like Korifi and Kubernetes-as-a-Service offerings, Klutch adds a layer of sophisticated automation for data services.

Custom Resource Definitions

Application developers can provision, manage, and use data service instances directly within their Kubernetes clusters using familiar Kubernetes Custom Resources.

Abstraction Layer

Klutch abstracts the underlying infrastructure, making it transparent whether services run on VMs or containers, and provides platform operators with a centralized point of control.

Fine-Grained Control

With Klutch, platform operators gain precise control over the API exposed to developers, allowing for tailored service offerings.



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