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Powerful, on-demand search solutions made easy with OpenSearch.

Experience Accelerated and Precise Search Results with a9s Search

a9s Search is a comprehensive full-text search and analytics engine designed to store, search, and analyze massive volumes of data. Effortlessly create dedicated servers and clusters on-demand using the Apps Manager or Cloud Foundry Command line interface to provision your a9s Search instances and integrate them with your applications. a9s Search incorporates OpenSearch, a community-driven, open-source search and analytics suite.




Amplify OpenSearch Capabilities with a9s Search

Developers can seamlessly extend the functionality and usability of their search engine with OpenSearch’s extensive range of specialized plugins and extensions. These tools optimize search results, enrich the user experience, boost flexibility, and enhance performance.

TLS Encryption

Strengthen Security with a9s Search and TLS-Encryption

a9s Search supports TLS-encrypted client communication, ensuring secure and private data exchange between clients and the search engine. TLS encryption defends against cyberattacks and other security threats, bolsters user privacy, and augments search engine performance. Rely on a9s Search to safeguard your data.


Efficient Data Management With Distributed Architecture

a9s Search’s distributed architecture enables it to manage vast amounts of data effectively, making it an ideal solution for businesses requiring fast and dependable search results. Data storage and processing occur on multiple servers, facilitating rapid searches and accommodating more concurrent requests. This capability proves crucial when handling extensive datasets and delivering prompt search results


Optimized Data Migration Capabilities

a9s Search ensures that your data transition is as smooth as possible. Our data service provides developers with access to the OpenSearch API of the instance via the Cloud Foundry CLI command 'cf ssh', allowing for seamless and manual data migration. This feature offers unparalleled control and flexibility, making it an invaluable tool for developers aiming for a fluid migration process.


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