a8s Data Service for PostgreSQL

Transform Your Kubernetes
Data Service Landscape With a8s PostgreSQL

The robust, scalable, and efficient solution for your data service challenge.

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anynines Products & Services to help you power your transformation

a9s Enterprise Platform Operations a9s Enterprise Platform Operations

On-site and remote operational support for your digital platforms from platform experts at anynines — from proof-of-concept to production platforms.

Training & Consulting Training & Consulting

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer Training as well as bespoke, tailored courses in all aspects of cloud-native operations and development.

Cloud-Native Application Development Cloud-Native Application Development

Bespoke cloud-native full-stack application development solutions — from idea to launch — designed and developed with scale in mind.


The Future Will Be Automated: Are You Ready?

The software is eating the world and we believe that the future will be automated. That is why we spent last couple of years building a comprehensive package of products and services to aid and supplement the transformation and we’ve successfully helped companies large and small through their digital transformation.

We are one of the prominent early members of Cloud Foundry Foundation and our anynines PaaS was the first public platform running Cloud Foundry in Europe.