Experience the Power of Scalable and Reliable Data Services With a9s Data Service Bundle

With a single license and our smart credit system, your team has maximum freedom and flexibility in selecting the data services they need. Designed for operation in on-premise and public Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes platforms.

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Elevate Your Application Cloud Experience

As a modern enterprise, you demand a reliable and efficient data service solution for your cloud platform environment to achieve your business objectives. That's why we've developed the a9s Data Service Bundle, engineered with enterprise readiness in mind. This comprehensive bundle offers full lifecycle automation for data services, empowering your platforms to excel in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

With on-demand provisioning, scale effortlessly to your infrastructure's limits without fretting over noisy neighbors or cluster complications. Moreover, the bundle ensures robust security, comprehensive logging and monitoring, and a dependable backup and restore strategy. Experience the future of data service solutions with the a9s Data Service Bundle.


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Key Benefits of a9s Data Service Bundle

The a9s Data Service Bundle is a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes your cloud platform. It includes full lifecycle automation, on-demand provisioning, and robust security for modern platforms that need to scale efficiently.

By using the a9s Data Service Bundle, you can increase the productivity of your developers and operators, benefit from data base and data service automation, and maximize service availability and data durability.

Efficient Data Service Instance Provisioning

Benefit from the ability to quickly and easily provision dedicated solo and clustered service instances as needed. This saves you time and resources, as you don’t have to worry about pre-provisioning or over-provisioning. Operating hundreds or thousands of service instances is possible due to the automation of the entire lifecycle of data services included in the bundle.

Unified User Experience

If you want to use a data service, you do not need to worry about the peculiarities of each data service. We have developed the data services in a way that the handling of all data services is the same. This becomes particularly interesting when providing service instances and creating backups.

Observability Included

Leveraging DevOps best practices and applying them to Data Operations is crucial for successful data management. Ensure data health and integrity and enable informed decision-making and the achievement of business goals. Observability allows for near real-time identification, troubleshooting, and resolution of data issues, providing context and preventing future errors.

Data Service Availability with Self-Healing Clusters

Self-healing clusters automagically get back to total health by resurrecting failed nodes, providing a range of benefits. Our data service cluster solution includes this valuable feature, ensuring reliability, reducing maintenance costs, and improving overall efficiency.


Seamless Scaling with On-Demand Provisioning

Instantly scale your data services up or down as required, without hindrances or interruptions. Access the data services you need, when you need them. Enhanced control and adaptability enable you to effortlessly address evolving demands and optimize operations. Opt for the a9s Data Service Bundle for dependable, efficient data service management.

Simplify Data Service Management with Full Lifecycle Automation

Effortlessly manage data services with comprehensive lifecycle automation. Seamlessly operate hundreds or thousands of service instances, leveraging built-in best practices. Concentrate on optimizing your platform while eliminating manual data service management.

Experience Reliability with High Availability

Safeguard your applications from infrastructure failures with the a9s Data Service Bundle's High Availability feature. Benefit from rapid automatic failover to prevent data loss and downtime, providing your team with peace of mind while they concentrate on enhancing and evolving your applications.

Ensure Smooth and Efficient Operation with Self-Healing

Experience the benefits of self-healing clusters with the a9s Data Service Bundle. Automatically resurrect failed instances and proactively monitor for potential issues to keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently without needing constant manual intervention.

Smart Data Service Licensing for Maximum Flexibility

Efficient Resource Allocation

Our Data Service Instances (DSI) credit license system simplifies the monitoring and managing your data service usage across all data services included in the a9s Data Service Bundle and across multiple platform environments. Benefit from discounts depending on the volume of your booked DSI credit license.

Example based on a 100-DSI-credit-license: Single instances (one Virtual Machine) consume 0.5 DSI credits, while clustered instances (three Virtual Machines) consume 1 DSI credit.

Deleting a data service instance releases the corresponding credit, giving you complete control over resource allocation.

Empower Your Team Through Flexibility

Experience flexibility through the a9s Data Service Bundle’s innovative licensing system. The a9s Data Services model streamlines management, with DSI credits consumed and released based on instance lifecycles. This adaptability ensures that your development teams always have the right resources.

Tailored Licensing for Your Team's Needs

The a9s Data Service Bundle introduces a dynamic licensing system with customizable Data Service Instance (DSI) credits, applicable across all a9s Data Services and multiple platform environments. DSI credits are utilized as long as a data service instance is active and freed up upon deletion.


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