Enterprise Platform Operations

Cloud Enablement for Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes

Your platforms set up and managed by a professional, experienced team of operators

Operational support for every step on your digital transformation journey

Platform Enablement

Setup of production grade POC platforms that encourage your developers to explore the world of cloud native app development with the proprietary a9s Cloud Foundry offering.

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Operations Support

Let us do the heavy lifting for you to focus on your business. We will handle the installation, CVE updates, maintenance and support for all of your CF / K8S platforms. Benefit from our experience of operating scalable cloud platforms for years.

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Proudly helping the innovation alongside our partners & customers

Full-stack operational task force at your fingertips

Second Day Operations

Our team helps bring your environment into production and keeps it running and up-to-date.

Runbook Creation

Documentation of security critical components encompassing the complete a9s Cloud Foundry offering with detailed component descriptions and emergency contact information.

CI/CD Automation

Customizable automation for platform release and life cycle management.

24/7 Support

Our team provides you with enterprise grade support by 24/7 through technical staff members starting already with the first level support. We offer flexible response time based on Service License Agreements.

Availability Management

Our team configures and manages your platform based on experience and best practices to ensure high availability.

Uptime Monitoring

Insight into the current availability of the platform and platform components at any time.

Security Audits

Keep safe with our team monitoring for suspicious activity surrounding your environments, as well as CVEs and patching them according to severity.

Update Planning

Flexible update schedules for CVE patching and process adjustments to match your security requirements.

Backup & Restore Strategies

Enterprise grade backup functionality for all data services featuring periodic backups, backup dashboards and point-in-time recovery. Backups are encrypted using the AES256 standard and can be stored on any S3 compatible blob storage.