A platform Built With Developers In Mind

Scalable Apps As Simple As One Command

Roll out complex service landscapes in the matter of a few CLI commands and focus on your code rather than underlying infrastructure.

Data Services Included

Our platform as the only one on the market includes licenses of our a9s Data Services, letting you spend less time including third-party data services.

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Great Developer Experience

Focus on developing apps while we handle platform operations from day 1 on. Provision production-ready Kubernetes clusters that work with Cloud Foundry and Data Services.

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Container Management Made Easy

a9s Cloud Foundry comes with Harbor for easy management of the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes container images, security alerts and updates

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Supercharge Your Development Team

a9s Cloud Foundry uses Cloud Foundry for handling the 12-factor compliant web application workloads that you can set up, scale and remove using a single command, as well as Kubernetes for any other TCP-based workflow, giving your team development experience they'll love.

Our Platform is effortlessly deployed in some of the largest cloud environments in the world

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Sara Fischer

Sales & Account Manager

Nicolas Herbst

Team Lead a9s Operations