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Simplified Operations

A Better Way To Manage Complex Landscapes

Run Cloud Foundry 12-factor compliant HTTP microservices, backing data services created on demand, as well as Kubernetes clusters as a service for all other workloads.

Infrastructure Independent

Running our solution on all sorts of infrastructures in an automated fashion is easier than it ever was.

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24/7 Support

Highly skilled Cloud Foundry professionals performing personal support will be there for you 24/7.

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Performance and availability of your Cloud Foundry platform are monitored through our a9s Prometheus to keep it all up and running.

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Complex Landscapes Made Simple

You can roll out complex service landscapes quickly and easily with just a few CLI commands. The a9s Platform takes care of CVE patches and OS updates for you.

Our Platform is effortlessly deployed in some of the largest cloud environments in the world

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Sara Fischer

Sales & Account Manager

Nicolas Herbst

Team Lead a9s Operations