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Handling Cloud Foundry Operations

No matter whether you operate Cloud Foundry in your own data center or prefer to utilize our managed Cloud Foundry service “anynines” - we support your operations team for all issues relating to installing and operating Cloud Foundry.

Each Cloud Foundry installation is based on server hardware in one or more data centers. A so-called IaaS layer is installed on this hardware and this can install, start, and stop the virtual server via an API.

Cloud Foundry now provides application servers and backing services (databases, key-value stores etc.) that are operated within the VMs in containers; these can also be started, scaled, and stopped by API, for example by a developer.

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Building on existing hardware or optionally an available infrastructure as a service (IaaS) layer (e.g. OpenStack, vCloud or AWS), we support and train your operating team to install and operate Cloud Foundry.


  • Analysis of existing infrastructure
  • Assessment of an existing or definition of the IaaS layer
  • Testing all available installations
  • Compatibility assessments
  • Are the existing structures suitable for Cloud Foundry?

Installation and operation

  • On-site installation and configuration support
  • Planning the installation with your team
  • Installation of the Cloud Foundry layer
  • Setting and installing the necessary services (e.g. mobile push service, MySQL service, monitoring instance)
  • Acceptance of the installation
  • Support and assistance until going live
  • Final test


  • Testing the application
  • Application assistance
  • Level 2 support on the Cloud Foundry layer
  • Operations management and support
  • Backup strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • SLA with 24/7 support

Use the Public Cloud Foundry Service “anynines” directly and without any installation. You can deploy and operate apps immediately.


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