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a9s Data Services for Cloud Foundry

On-demand provisioned dedicated data services

Compatible with Open Source Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF)
Clustered & Self-Healing
Dedicated and on-demand provisioned data services for Cloud Foundry
Enterprise Ready

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Highly available

  • Dedicated services instances provide high isolation through dedicated VMs.
  • Clustered service instances consist of multiple VMs.
  • Cluster nodes of clustered service instances are spread across multiple availability zones.
  • Service instance clusters store data redundantly, are fault-tolerant and provide fast automatic failovers.


  • Service instances can be scaled vertically: by upgrading to a bigger service plan. Memory, cpu and storage capacities can be upgraded any time.
  • Unlimited number of service instances through on-demand provisioning: add new service instances at any time. The infrastructure is the limit.
  • On-demand provisioning of service instances based on BOSH.
  • Infrastructure and OS independent.
  • Runs where Cloud Foundry runs.

Full Lifecycle

  • All a9s Data Services can be installed by a developer and are easy to operate.
  • Secure remote access to service instances using on-demand created encrypted tunnels.
  • Self-healing service instances automatically recover from UNIX process, VM and AZ failures.
  • API for automated backup and recovery for both platform ops and users.
  • API to trigger automated service version updates (e.g. MongoDB 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 or 3.0).

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Common shared Data Services a9s Data Services
A single VM or cluster is shared for all service instances (weak isolation).
Service instances are represented by a single VM or a cluster of dedicated VMs (high isolation).
The number of service instances is limited by the size of the shared data server or cluster. Once the server is full, no further service instances can be created. Manual intervention is required.
The number of service instances is not limited by design. New service instances can be provisioned at any time.
There is no self-healing on the level of service instances.
Service instances are self-healing and automatically recover from unix process and VM failures.
A data service based on a single server or cluster is shared across many service instances. The failure of such a single cluster, for example caused by overload, affects all service instances, simultaneously. In case of a single server service instances may even fail all at once.
By selecting a cluster-service plan, it can be chosen per service instance, whether it is comprised of a single dedicated VM or a cluster of multiple dedicated VMs. Clustered service instances are - due to automatic failover - resillient against failures of an entire availability zone.
Logging & Metrics
Logs and metrics are not accessible by platform users.
Platform ops can specify log (e.g. syslog) and metric (e.g. graphite) endpoints to receive logs & metrics from all service instances. Platform users can specify separate log and metric endpoints for their individual use.
Secure Remote Access
A remote connection is not possible or the connection is not encrypted.
A jump host service is provided to create encrypted tunnels in order to securely access service instances.
Backup & Restore
A backup and restore functionality is not provided or not accessible for platform users.
A backup and restore API is provided enabling the backup and recovery of data service instances. The backup functionality allows both platform ops and platform users to independently trigger backup and recovery procedures.
An integration in existing monitoring solutions is not provided.
An integration in existing monitoring solutions is possible.
Enterprise ready
Support is not provided.
Enterprise grade 24/7 support and SLAs are provided. Customization is possible.

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